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I called around before I eventually called Garage Door Repair Company.  The person who answered my call was really nice and responsive to my questions.  They were willing to have someone come over the same day to inspect my garage door.  Unfortunately, I had to reschedule, and they were accommodating and happily rescheduled my appointment.  The guys came over while I was at work, and my wife said they were nice.  They answered all her questions, and they completed their inspection in no time at all.  They also were able to fix my garage door quickly!  I was amazed at how quickly they work and how reasonable the cost of their service is!  Thank you very much for such an excellent service!  I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone I know.

Robert Jeter

Early this morning, the garage door started to get jerky and weird.  I was in a panic, and I was afraid if I forced it, it would jump the track.  So, I immediately went online to look for a garage door repair company.  I was able to get in touch with your company, and they immediately sent someone over in less than two hours.  The technician assessed the problem.  He was very knowledgeable and experienced.  He explained the problem, and he answered all my questions.  He was able to fix the problem very quickly.  He didn’t even mind that I kept nagging him with all sorts of questions.  He just showed me the problem and answered all my queries patiently.  I would recommend your company to anyone in need of a garage technician.

Erica Cha

I needed my garage door fixed, and I went online to look for technicians.  I came across your website, and I immediately called for a price quote.  The price was reasonable and considerably lower than other companies in the area.  I scheduled an appointment, and two days later, a couple of technicians came over.  One of the installers was running late, but he was gracious enough to call ahead of time.  They inspected my garage, offered suggestions (without being pushy), and offered options.  They had my garage door replaced in no time at all.  They also made sure that everything was working properly before they left.  All in all, I am very impressed with their level of service.  I would recommend your service to my friends and relatives.

Dawn Thomas

My garage door started to act up a week ago, and then it suddenly stopped working.  I immediately called Garage Door Repair Company, and they scheduled to install a new opener.  A technician was here when I got home from work.  He was very friendly and knowledgeable.  He explained to me what had happened to the garage door and why it stopped functioning properly.  He had the opener fixed in no time at all.  He also pointed out possible problems and suggested preventive measures to avoid breakdowns. Now, our garage door opens quickly, quietly, and efficiently.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the service.  I would recommend this company to anybody with garage door problems.  Excellent service and even more awesome people! Thank you so much!

Thomas Davis

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