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Commercial Garage Door

Commercial Garage Door Service In Deer Park By Shield Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Materials

Commercial Garage Doors vary in sizes and style. These are usually bought or customized to fit large openings of factories, warehouses, and such. They are much more expensive as compared to residential garage doors because it needs more materials. The perfect materials to use for commercial garage doors are steel, aluminum, and fiberglass because of its low maintenance properties. Steel doors are the most commonly used in businesses and factories because of its durability. Aluminum doors are great for business establishments because of its rust-resistant feature and fiberglass are perfect for companies because like aluminum, it doesn’t rust and that it is less subject to dent or crack. Wood materials can be used for commercial companies but it is not really designed to serve that purpose because it is expensive and heavy. Wood needs to be maintained from time to time to avoid decay and rotting especially when exposed to wet weather conditions. Although, some posh companies would love having wood as their doors. Something about the authenticity and quality of the wood really appeals to people. Steel, on the other hand, is great for commercial buildings because it requires little maintenance. It is lighter than wood and less expensive. It also is tougher, withstanding impact and heavy weight. Despite its tough quality, it still is subjected to dent and corrosion. But high-quality steel is now available in the market with a rust-resistant coating that prevents corrosion and rust from forming and destroying the material. Aluminum doors are also a good choice for businesses because of its rust-resistant properties. The only disadvantage of these materials is that they are subject to dents and corrosion, if not properly maintained. It is available in many colors to appeal and enhance your industrial space design. Aluminum upgrades are a little bit pricey in the market but it is all worth it. Fiberglass materials are also available for commercial garage doors. It is made of glass so rust and corrosion are never a problem. The only downside to this is that fiberglass can crack and break under heavy impact.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

The standard size of garage doors that are available in the market is about 32 feet by 2 inches in width and about 24 feet by 1 inch in height. However, huge establishments and factories require larger doors than the standard ones. This is where the customized garage doors are great. Companies usually prefer to have their doors customized and installed with the best materials and accessories there is. Roller shutters are the most common type of commercial garage door mechanism because it operates easily and effectively. You can also choose to have your doors insulated for a much better thermal adjustment flow. These type of doors provide the best security for your industrial space. It has a roll-up operating system that allows the door to go all the way up to a spindle in the ceiling when opening, allowing more space inside and outside the shop. Rolling sheet steel and service doors are usually seen in warehouses and storages. These types of doors are remarkable for their durability and reliability. They are solidly constructed to withstand impact and are also insulated with excellent air flow insulation that regulates the thermal condition inside the buildings. Another type of rollers are the security grilles that is structured with tough interlinked steel material that can withstand impact. It also provides an open design that allows you to see the inside of the shop even when it’s closed. Aluminum doors and security shutters are common in businesses and shopping malls. These types of doors are huge enough to accommodate and secure your commercial space. It provides tough materials to protect your company from weather conditions. Some aluminum doors are designed with sectional framed glass that allows visual access and light to give natural lighting in the commercial space even when the doors are closed.

Commercial Garage Door

Keep your business establishments secure and safe from thieves and harsh weather conditions. Garage Door Repair Deer Park offers installation, maintenance and repair services 24/7. So if you’re having trouble with your garage doors, give us a call and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request and inquiries. Commercial Garage Door is openings that we see mostly in factories, shopping malls, parking spaces and business establishments. These doors are built with strength and have excellent impact-resistant properties that have the ability to last a long time. So in choosing the perfect garage door for your establishment, you must consider the materials that you should use, the type of operation you’d like for your garage doors and the mechanisms to use on how to open and close the doors.

Garage Door Openers

You can always choose to have the door operation automatic or manual. Commercial garage doors that open manually are time-consuming. Some industrial companies and factories have huge doors that would require two to three men to open and close it. Although this kind of operation is cheap, it takes a great physical strain on the part of the employees. That is why most companies prefer to have automatic door openers because it makes everyone’s life and job easier with just a push of a button. The Chain-Drive Opener works with a chain that connects the trolley to the motor. This is the least expensive operating system but it is loud and clunky because of the metal to metal contact and vibration. The Belt Drive is another type of opener that uses a rubber belt than a chain. It works smoothly and quieter than the chain drive. Jackshaft Drives are expensive door openers that are installed on the side of the doors, using a 24 volts DC motor that drives pulleys and cables that move the torsion bar to raise the door. Shield Garage Door Repair, Deer Park TX offers a lot of services that involves installation, maintenance, and repairs. In case your company’s garage door malfunction, give us a call and we’ll be happy to send expert technicians to deal with the problem.

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