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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my own garage door?
If you have problems operating your garage door, then it might be posing as a potential health hazard.  Unless you’re an expert, avoid fixing the problem on your own.  Instead, get in touch with a professional garage door technician who could take a look at the problem and fix it for you.
When should I replace my garage door?
Garage door replacement is fairly common.  It is often a remodeling project of numerous homeowners.  Many people tend to replace their garage doors because a good door tends to add to the home’s curb appeal.  Of course, some people change their garage doors when they already look saggy or fading as well.
What is the best garage door?
Your choice for garage door would depend on your needs, preferences, and level of care needed.  The preferred energy efficiency and location of your garage are a consideration as well.  Determine the material of your garage and choose the design that you want.  Consider the complements, colors, and decorative options.
What is a carriage house door?
This is garage door that copies the look of carriage house doors in the 19th and 20th Century.  They come in various designs like steel and wood doors.  Nowadays, you will find natural wood carriage doors that will complement your home beautifully. They look like they swing open, but these doors actually to move up and down.
How do I get a sectional door?
You need at least 12 inches to 18 inches of headroom space to get a sectional door.  However, we can offer special track options which would allow the installation of a garage door with minimal headroom space.  We can create a vertical lift track or a hi-lift track.
Should I get a lock installed on my garage door?
If you have an electric garage door opener, you don’t need to install a lock anymore.  If properly installed, they work well as locks.  If you have an older garage door, you need to check if the door can be opened from the outside.  You might want to have a lock installed.
Should I go for steel garage doors?
Steel doors offer security and efficiency at a reasonable price.  They are less costly than other kinds of garage doors, and they come in various designs and colors which can definitely add to the curb appeal.  Our garage doors come in different colors, and they can last for a long time.
Are steel doors better than wooden doors?
Steel doors do not require the same level of maintenance as wooden doors.  Steel doors are pre-painted with baked on coating.  We recommend that the door exteriors be cleaned annually with regular detergent and warm water.  Wooden doors, on the other hand, need to be primed or stained before installation.
Why should I hire you?
A garage door is highly technical, and it has to be installed properly.  Otherwise, it can be quite dangerous.  Unless you are an expert, you might consider hiring us or a professional garage door installer to setup your garage door for you.  A professional company can finish the job in just a few hours.
How long will the garage door last?
There is no standard answer to this question because there are many factors that contribute to the longevity of a garage door.  It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the door so that it can last for more than a decade.  With today’s technology, however, it is entirely possible to have these doors last a lifetime.

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