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Your garage door cable is instrumental in allowing the garage door to fully open and close. If you are running late to go somewhere and your garage door cable snaps, you will have a difficult time reaching your destination on time. If you share your garage with others, they will also have difficulty accessing parking. However, if you can be vigilant about the state of your garage door cables, you will be able to know the signs that they need maintenance and get it taken care of before the worst can happen. Here is how you can stay on top of maintaining your garage door cables. 

1. Periodically Check for Wear and Tear

The number of times you use your garage door will impact the overall durability of your garage door cable. One of the most common causes behind garage door cables snapping is wear and tear over time. If you periodically check your garage door cables for fraying, rust, or other signs of aging, you can easily stay ahead of your cable snapping by getting that cable replaced sooner rather than the moment it snaps. 

2. Pay Attention to How Your Garage Door Operates

Has your garage door started to look a bit uneven when opening and closing? Does your garage door appear to be weirdly slanted when you open it? Is your garage door appearing to lag or drag itself when opening up? Are you noticing anything generally unusual in how your garage door has been operating lately? If you said yes to any one of these questions, then you should check to see if your garage door cables might be on their way to possibly snapping. 

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3. Be Mindful of How You Lubricate Your Garage Door Cables

Whenever you complete your garage door maintenance every six months, be mindful of how much you are lubricating your garage door cables. You want to make sure you give your cables the right amount of lubrication, because too much garage door lubrication can cause dirt and dust to get trapped, and that trapped grime can contribute to future problems with your cables. 

What If My Garage Door Cable Snaps Anyway? 

Sometimes, even when we do all of the above correctly, our garage doors can still catch us by surprise with a snapped cable, leaving our vehicle stuck in or kept from going back into the garage. If you find yourself in a situation where your garage door cable, despite your best efforts, snapped, here are some important steps you can take to solve the problem. 


1. Check Your Vehicle for Any Damage

If you have access to your vehicle, check if it received any damage from the garage door upon the cable snapping and take documentation where needed. Having this information will be beneficial for insurance purposes. 

2. Try to Stay Calm

While easier said than done, a calm mindset will be the most helpful in allowing you to proceed with the next steps. Panicking will make it more difficult for you to get through the problem at hand. By doing your best to stay calm, you will be able to successfully complete this last step with ease. 

3. Call A Professional 

The most important step you can take when your garage door cable snaps is to call a professional to help with replacing your snapped cable and repairing your garage. When you reach out to us at Shield Garage Door Repair, you will get quality customer and repair service. Contact us today, and we will help prevent your garage door cable from snapping, replace a snapped cable, or come to your rescue if you have a snapped garage door cable.

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