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It is never a bad thing to have variety. It may take you some time to choose what best fits you, but with the vast options available, it’ll be worthwhile. These options will help you find exactly what you want or didn’t know you need, especially when it comes to garage doors.

There are many styles of garage doors on the market. You have classic-style doors, contemporary-style doors, Mediterranean-style doors, and much more. However, a great option for your garage that is growing in popularity is carriage garage doors. If you are unaware of what they are, then this blog can show you all that this style of door entails. This includes the two types of carriage garage doors available and more.


What Are Carriage Garage Doors?

The oldest garage doors, dating back to the 1800s, are carriage-style garage doors. Carriage-style homes were used to store horses and their doors always had extravagant designs. However, as time progressed, horses were replaced with cars, and carriage-style garages were replaced with our everyday garages.

In the early 1900s, physically opening and closing the garage door became bothersome, so there was a desperate need for an upgrade. Carriage garage doors were pushed to the side as overhead garage doors offered the convenience homeowners needed. However, with their recent resurgence, carriage garage doors are back and ready to add a new look to any home. Whether you have an older home with a rustic appeal or a modern home that needs a unique garage door to complement it, carriage garage doors will be the ideal choice.

The Types Of Carriage Garage Doors

Have you ever wondered what makes a carriage garage door as unique and elegant as it is? Well, this is due to the two types of doors they offer, which are called overlay and stamped garage doors. Learn what these are and why they are so popular here:

Overlay Garage Doors

Overlay garage doors are one of the two carriage garage doors we will be discussing in this blog. The existing door, which can be made of any material, is decorated with steel or wood panels to make an overlay garage door. This gives any garage a more elegant and sophisticated look. Although carriage garage doors are known for their old-fashioned appearance, overlay garage doors give you the classic and modern look you want, much like the next type of carriage garage door.

Stamped Garage Doors

Stamped garage doors are stamped onto the surface of your door, as the name implies, rather than being attached to it. Although this type of garage door is made of steel, the wood grain finish makes it appear like wood giving your garage a more homey feel. This is an option that will be easy on the pockets. This is also a great investment since it lasts long, thanks to its resistance to moisture, rust, and any climate. Stamped garage doors offer fewer options than overlay doors, but these features make it a great option regardless.


Types Of Carriage Garage Doors

Maintain Your Doors With Shield Garage Door Repair

The two types of carriage garage doors will surely add a much-needed change to your garage. Each will give your home a splash of life and uniqueness. They will also increase your home’s value and curb appeal. However, you must ensure your doors remain in the best condition for this to continue.

Give our team a call to keep your door in excellent shape. Shield Garage Door Repair’s staff is highly qualified, knowledgeable, and equipped to maintain and repair your doors whenever necessary. Check out the services we provide to see how our team can help you.

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