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The framing of a garage door is an essential part of any garage, ensuring the door is secure and runs smoothly. Framing a garage door is typically needed when upgrading your existing garage door or installing a new door. This process ensures everything fits properly, from the door to its many components.

However, this is a delicate process, and if the materials are not handled with care, some of them may bend or break. For this reason, framing a garage door requires the services of a qualified expert. However, without a garage door jamb, framing your garage door would not be possible. If you want to learn more about garage door jambs, keep reading this blog for some insight.

What Is A Garage Door Jamb?

When framing your garage door, you need to gather the necessary materials first. One of these materials is the garage door jamb. A garage door jamb is the trim covering your door opening, which needs to be perfectly tailored for your door to fit.

There are two types of jambs, the header jamb that covers above the door opening and the side jamb that covers both sides of the door opening. This jamb is typically made of wood and makes up the framing of your garage door. When looking for a jamb, be sure to get one that is pressure-treated, since this will last the longest. Then you can start the measurement and installation process.

Best Trim Material For Garage Door Jambs

When choosing the material for your garage door jamb, you can choose between wood or even PVC. PVC is a great option since it can withstand outside elements such as water and various weather conditions. And the various wood types could also provide this durability. See which of the following garage door jamb materials is suitable for your door frame:


You can’t go wrong with choosing cedarwood as your trim material. This is a durable option that can absorb water without deteriorating and last longer than most trim materials. However, this material is more expensive than the following options.

Fiber Cement

Although cedarwood can last long, it has the potential to rot, unlike fiber cement. This material can remain in shape despite harsh weather conditions and has many sizes available to choose from, whether you want a longer or thicker size. However, if somehow the fiber cement ever does get chipped, there isn’t a way to repair it.


Another excellent alternative for the framing of your door is an oriented strand board (OSB). You can expect versatility when it comes to this trim because of its 16′ length. You can use one piece for both sides of your garage door, which is beneficial for generating little waste. Furthermore, unlike plywood, OSB trim won’t delaminate, so you won’t have to worry about cracks.

Call Shield Garage Door Repair Today

Hopefully, with this blog, you have gained the necessary information to understand more about garage door jambs. You also now know the best trim materials for a garage door jamb. Although some of the materials above have their drawbacks, they also have many great advantages.

You can also take advantage of Shield Garage Door Repair’s top-of-the-line services. We can provide you with any assistance your new garage door needs during its lifespan, whether it is a quick repair or our maintenance services. We have a dedicated team of experts you can rely on with the knowledge and skills to assist any homeowner with their garage issues. So don’t sit by and wait until your doors fall apart, and give us a call whenever you need our help.


What Is A Garage Door Jamb
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