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Your wrought iron fence gives your home a grand appearance as well as extra protection. Even so, do you wonder if your black wrought iron fence could better match the overall design of your home exterior? Do you want to make your home feel welcoming rather than imposing? You can make your home seem more welcoming without sacrificing security by learning how to paint a wrought iron fence.

1. Order Primer And Paint

You won’t be able to know how to paint a wrought iron fence if you don’t have the right primer and paint first. Primer is used as a base coat before the actual paint is applied. When ordering primer, find one that is rust-resistant so that your newly painted wrought iron fence will last. 

The rust-resistant quality should also be found in the paint. Don’t forget to consider what color you want for your wrought iron fence and ensure that it matches the rest of your exterior home design. You also want to make sure that the paint and primer you order will be compatible with your wrought iron fence.

2. Thoroughly Clean The Fence

When the primer and paint arrive, the first thing you’ll need to do with your wrought iron fence is to clean it thoroughly. For this step, you’ll need to work from top to bottom to clean the fence with warm, soapy water by using a washcloth or sponge. Once every area has been scrubbed and rinsed completely with a hose, allow the fence to dry.

3. Remove Rust, Old Paint, And Debris

Once dry, the next step in painting a wrought iron fence will be to remove all rust, old paint, and debris. Without this step, your wrought iron fence could face many problems in the future. For this step, you’ll need a wire brush, medium-grit sandpaper, and any scraping tools in your possession. 

First, brush the fence with the wire brush to remove larger pieces of rust and flaking old paint. Next, you’ll use sandpaper to sand the wrought iron fence to get rid of even more paint that’s chipping away. You’ll use whatever scraping tools you have to get rid of any smaller remaining pieces of debris, paint, or rust. Afterward, you’ll want to clean up the fence again with warm soapy water and let it dry once again.

how to paint a wrought iron fence

4. Start With Primer

Now that your wrought iron fence is free of rust, old paint, and debris and thoroughly cleaned, you can begin applying the primer. The primer can be applied either with a brush or spray. Make sure the layer is nice and even before letting it dry.

5. Paint Two Coats On Your Fence

Now it’s time to paint a wrought iron fence. After the primer dries, you’ll ideally start to paint the first coat with a paint roller, then tackle any smaller missed areas with a brush. Make sure to use the brush lightly so as not to overdo it. Once the first coat is dry, begin applying the second coat within twenty-four hours. For best results, feel free to hire a professional, or if you want this to be a DIY project, use an aerosol spray to paint your fence.

6. Seal With Wax

Finally, the last step in how to paint a wrought iron fence will be to seal it with wax. Usually, car wax does the trick. Sealing your newly painted wrought iron fence with wax allows it to last longer, increasing its overall durability. As long as you remember to perform the necessary maintenance for your wrought iron fence, it should be able to last a long time.

Shield Garage Door Repair Is Here To Help!

Hopefully, you feel confident about how to paint a wrought iron fence. Of course, your wrought iron fence isn’t the only security boundary in your home that requires care and attention. Your garage door also needs maintenance and repairs so that you can go to and from your home as you please. If you are experiencing any problems with your garage door, contact us at Shield Garage Door Repair today!

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