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Have you ever had any problems with your garage door? These appliances are generally sturdy.

They can last more than thirty years, and they often serve their owners faithfully. Oftentimes, even when they are experiencing strain, they continue to work hard to move up and down whenever commanded. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not as faithful to their appliances as their garage doors are to them. That means they do not get regular maintenance or keep an eye out for signs of damage. Thus, when a malfunction happens, it comes as a surprise. However, in many instances, signs of problems show themselves early on, signaling that you need garage door repair services. 

Do not neglect your appliance any longer. Learn how to spot the signs of needing garage door repair services to save yourself and your appliance from necessary stress with the help of our blog. Here are four signs that you may need a professional’s assistance: 

1. You Can’t Remember When You Last Got Maintenance For Your Garage Door

Be honest. How long has it been since a technician came out and assessed your appliance? Perhaps you remember getting it done at some point, but it was too long ago to recall. Or maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “Wait, I need to get regular garage door maintenance?” If you fall into either category, you likely need garage door repair services. There could be a lot of hidden problems with your appliance because of the lack of maintenance. 

2. There Is Visible Wear and Tear On Your Door

Your appliance is exposed to the elements throughout each season. Weather can take a big toll on your garage door, especially if you live in a particularly cold, hot, or moist climate. This can cause problems like rust in metal garage doors and rotting, warping, and molding in wooden appliances. But the weather is not the only thing that can cause wear and tear. Neglectful drivers, neighborhood kids, and pets can cause dents, scratches, and dings too. If your door looks like it has seen better days, it is likely time to call a professional for repairs. 

A door in the middle of garage door repair

3. You’ve Noticed Your Appliance Is Moving Slower Or Faster Than Usual

One tell-tale sign that you need garage door repair services is a change in the movement of your appliance. If your appliance is taking too long to raise and lower or has started to slam down quickly, there is likely something wrong with your opening system. A damaged opening system poses a significant safety hazard. Thus, it is important to take care of these issues right away. 

4. Your Garage Door Is Making Strange Noises 

Every garage door produces some noise during the opening and closing process. That’s normal. However, there are also sounds that are not normal. Grinding, squeaking, shuttering, and screeching are all noises that you do not want to hear coming from your appliance. Strange noises also imply that there is something wrong with your opening system, which, as we discussed above, is a serious problem. 

We Offer the Best Garage Door Repair Services Available! 

We hope our blog has been helpful and informative. Paying attention to maintenance and repair needs is so important for your, your family, and your property’s safety. Ideally, you have now learned just how important it is. If so, you can reach out to our team at Shield Garage Door Repair for assistance. Contact us today for the best repair, maintenance, and installation services in Deer Park! 

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