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When you close your eyes and imagine a fence, what material is that fence usually made of? If you visualize a wood fence, it is likely because wood fencing is commonly found in residential homes. However, not all wood fences are derived from the same kind of wood. There are actually four types of wood materials most often used for wood fencing, and today we are going to learn about all four of them. 

1. Cedar Wood

The most commonly used type of wood for fencing is cedar. If you live in a residential area where backyard and front yard maintenance gets particularly noisy, then cedar is notable for its sound reduction properties and will help soften that chorus of lawnmowers and leaf blowers. If you are concerned about insects such as ants and termites colonizing your backyard by nesting in or near your fence, then cedar will prevent that from happening because cedar has properties that are inhospitable to many insects, greatly reducing the chances of finding a nest of termites on your property. Finally, cedar is notable for its resilience against severe changes in weather and damp conditions. Cedar’s resistance to insects and damp weather and ability to reduce sound are the notable properties that make it a popular fencing choice. Its aesthetic appeal is just the icing on the proverbial cake.

wood fencing cedar 

2. Composite Wood

Composite wood is wood that is manufactured to be a mixture (or composite) of many different kinds of wood to provide more durability. It might also include other materials besides wood. There are many different types of composite wood used for a variety of purposes in the home. Like cedar, composite wood is also known for its longevity and strength in humidity and other weather conditions. Where appearances are concerned, research the specific kind of composite wood you are using so that you can reseal or paint over it with materials that will not damage the wood. Usually, though, composite wood fence panels can be customized to fit your vision for your fence. 

3. Redwood

Just like the forest of the same name, redwood fence panels can also last for decades against wear, tear, and weather of all kinds. Because redwood is considered a softwood rather than a hardwood material, it is very easy to use for building purposes, and its light weight contributes to its efficiency in construction. On the other hand, because redwood is a softwood material, it requires far more maintenance than its cedar and composite counterparts, which might add to the expense of having redwood fencing installed. If your heart is set on constructing your fence with redwood, create a budget for the maintenance and determine the intervals at which you will be performing it.

redwood fence

4. Treated Wood

Unlike composite wood, treated wood refers to wood that has been treated with specific chemicals to preserve its structural integrity and increase its utility. Like cedar, treated wood also has insect resistant attributes, and in addition to its longevity, is also strong against visible damage. The strength of treated wood against visible damage from weather and other elements makes this type of wood fencing low maintenance, which in turn makes it less expensive. Because treated wood utilizes chemicals, be sure to diligently research what chemicals were used in your treated wood to determine if they are a risk to your property. You will have to be very mindful of the safety precautions required when installing fence panels made from treated wood and be sure to consult a professional first. 

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Our services at Shield Garage Door Repair also include gating and fencing in addition to garages. Just as garages provide that extra layer of protection for your home and your vehicle, fencing is also a long-trusted security barrier people have used for ages. Now that you know a little bit about wooden fencing, when you close your eyes, do you now see a nice, sturdy wooden fence keeping your backyard and side yards safe? If your answer is yes, contact us today, and we will help you build your dream fence. 

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