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Are you tired of going into your garage and feeling outrageously hot or intensely cold? Did you know this can be a cause of your insulation or lack thereof? Maybe you haven’t gotten your garage door insulated because you worry about the price. That is completely understandable. If you haven’t gotten your garage door insulated, then you should think about doing it as a DIY. Insulating your garage door can be done using a garage door insulation kit. Have you ever heard of a garage door insulation kit and wondered what it is? Keep reading our informative blog to learn more about a garage door insulation kit.

What Is A Garage Door Insulation Kit?

garage door insulation panels being placed

A garage door insulation kit is a DIY tool for insulating your garage door. This kit can consist of having a certain number of panel sheets that have been pre-cut to fit inside your garage door panels. You’ll find that most garage door insulation kits have eight panels. This would mean that if you have a two-car garage door, you may need to buy two packs, as these garage doors have 16 panels that would need insulation. In addition, if you have a single-car garage door, you would only need to buy one pack, as eight sheets of insulation would be the perfect amount for your panels. 

Why Would I Want A Garage Door Insulation Kit?

One reason to invest in a garage door insulation kit is to help you save money. Did you know that if you insulate your garage, it can help regulate the temperature? This means that the regulated garage temperature can lower your energy bill. In addition, having a regulated temperature means you can go into your garage more comfortably. In the winter, without insulation, you might not be able to enjoy being in your garage, as it would feel too cold. Additionally, in the peak of the summer, you may only be able to last five minutes, as it would heat up too fast.

Did you know that having your garage door insulated can also act to increase your home’s security? This is because the insulation on your garage door can help make your garage door more durable. Having a more durable garage door can stop intruders from entering your home. In addition to being more durable with insulation, your garage door can last longer. This is because of your garage door being able to absorb shocks and dents better.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Garage Door Insulation Kit?

White garage door with windows and black handles

A great benefit that comes with using a garage door insulation kit is that you can save greatly. With a garage door insulation kit, you could save anywhere between $840 and $2,560. Another cost-friendly benefit to using a garage door insulation kit is that you wouldn’t need to worry about labor fees, as you would be the one who is responsible for the installation process. This also means that if you did enough research, you could finish the installation rather quickly. 

Where Can I Get A Garage Door Insulation Kit?

You can find a garage door insulation kit at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Amazon, and many other places. While different hardware stores and retailers have vastly different prices, a good range you can expect is from $50 to $130 and up. 

Let Deer Park Garage Door Repair Help With Insulating Your Garage Door!

Sometimes using a garage door insulation kit can be a bit tricky. If you happen to stumble or feel as though the kit is not working properly, you can always feel free to give us a call. Our expert technicians would be more than happy to help you insulate your garage. Give us a call at (281) 241-1515 for quality services.


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